24-Hour Japanese Store in SG: Don Don Donki

Don Don Donki is Singapore’s new favourite 24-hour store (Mustafa, we still love you), also known as Don Quijote in Japan. The biggest discount store offers better markdowns and more variety of items as compared to other Japanese discount retailers like Miniso and Daiso.

They offer products varying from home necessities to lifestyle items to beauty and also fresh produce. You can expect some of the items to be slightly pricey but hey, they are flown directly from Japan! As expected, it is quite amusing to find items like costumes, wigs and toy collections in the store. It’s really a scaled-down version of the original Don Quijote in Japan, but the vibes still remain.

Oh, we love the stationery section where they have all the cutesy sticky notes, notepads, scrapbook materials and fancy pens! Stationery hoarders, do you feel us? They offer similar stuff as compared to the other Japanese outlet store, Tokyu Hands, and we just can’t get enough! Of course Don Don Donki sells many more practical items too, such as kitchenware and home ware. This part feels like Daiso, but with much more variety!

Moving on to everyone’s favourite, Japanese food! You know you can never get enough of Japanese food, so look out for the supermarket on Basement 2. You can find fresh poultry and seafood products, Japanese fruits and vegetable produce, flown directly from Japan. Best of all, authentic soba and udon noodles, the crazy variety of instant noodles, Japanese snacks and ice cream that are hard to find or only available in Japan – they are all available here in Don Don Donki!

The best part of Don Don Donki is that it’s open 24 hours and you only have TWO reasons to come here:

1) Last minute shopping for anything and almost everything!

2) And if you have no plans tonight, you can have a cute little trip to this store and stock up on your favourite Japanese snacks or just do a little window shopping.

Plus! If you have not gotten hooked on the Don Don Donki jingle that loops throughout your whole visit here, then you definitely need to come again. It’s cute and catchy, really!

Catch yourself at Don Don Donki! Located at Orchard Central, Basement 1 & 2. Opens 24 hours everyday.

Don’t forget to visit their website which is also their online store here!

Have fun!

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