What You Need To Know About GoPro Fusion

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One of the latest video technology in the current world is VR (Virtual Reality). There are many industries that use the VR technology such as gaming, health care, education, entertainment and many more. It is touted as the next “in thing” in the current digital technology.

You probably heard the term VR somehow or somewhere, probably from your friends, on the net or maybe experienced it yourself. But the question is, what is VR?

With the use of current computer technology, Virtual Reality (VR), enables you to experience a simulated environment. Unlike normal videos, it enables you to see a 360 degree view. It touches the viewer’s presence in the process, and can simulate the sense of touch, hearing and even smell.

For one to experience VR, another has to create the simulation. Hence, the upcoming GoPro Fusion allows you to create a VR experience for your viewers. The GoPro Fusion is probably the most versatile, creative 360 VR camera ever made. It has two lenses, one at the front and another one at the back, which creates the 360 degree angle. Having two lenses on it, it can capture different types of angle that is impossible to capture before at a 5.2K resolution.

For a typical VR experience, you would require a pair of VR glasses. However, a unique feature of the GoPro Fusion, OverCapture, captures a 360 degrees VR content and frames it on to your normal traditional video. In other words, you don’t have to invest on VR glasses to experience VR. You can turn the camera around and choose your favourite angles during post-production. There are multiple effects to choose from, such as Angel View, Little Planet, Pano Flow and Time Shift. It is waterproof, mountable on any GoPro mounts, have voice control detection and uses the same GoPro app like all the other GoPro products. In terms of image stabilization, it has an in-built gimble-like stabilization. Whenever you shoot, it will automatically stabilize your footage.

Photo by Kendrick Lamar - Humble (Music Video)

Photo by gopro.com

Other add-on features of the GoPro Fusion is their Fusion Studio editing software. You can download it for free on the official GoPro website and sync it with your Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects. GoPro Fusion will launch on November 24 this year at the price USD 699 (SGD 1,050).

Capture your world and see it like never before - from every angle with no limits.

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