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Amsterdam is known for its minimalist architecture and artistic heritage. You’ll expect narrow housing with gabled roofs and cobbled footway. The best way to explore the city streets and attractions is by pedal power. So hop on a bike and enjoy the sights and sounds of Amsterdam City!

Top things to do in Amsterdam:

Amsterdam City - Netherlands - I am Amsterdam instagram

1. Take a photo with the I Amsterdam letters.

It’s THE touristy photo to tell your fellow Instagrammers that you’ve been to Amsterdam!

Amsterdam City - Netherlands - Canal Cruise Boat River Stream

Photo by Kaci Baum on Unsplash

2. Hop on a canal cruise

The canal belt is truly a postcard picture of Amsterdam and the view is pretty both day and night. At night, the bridges are lit up by fairy lights – such a magical feeling! The best way to truly enjoy the ride is to get onto a guided boat tour as you’ll get to learn fascinating facts about the history and architecture of the city. If a tour is not your cup of tea, then have some wine and dine on the canal cruise for a romantic candlelit dinner. There are many canal cruises to choose from, even a hop-on-hop-off tour for the adventurous ones.

Amsterdam City - Netherlands - Anne Frank house history

3. Visit Anne Frank house

Undoubtedly, the Anne Frank house is a must-go when you’re in Amsterdam (well, if you are into history and the Holocaust). The queues are long for tickets at the door, so it is recommended that you purchase tickets online here to beat the queues. You can even book tickets in advance!

Amsterdam City - Netherlands - Tulip Season Flowers Colourful Colorful

Photo by Bianka Csenki on Unsplash

4. Tulips season

If you’re heading to Amsterdam in Spring, head to the world’s famous tulip fields that stretches out in colourful stripes across the lowland fields. A very beautiful sight you won’t want to miss! Feast your eyes on the beautiful blooms and be tempted to buy tulips from the floating market at Bloemenmarkt.

Amsterdam City - Netherlands - Windmills scenery birds flying

Photo by Vincent Versluis on Unsplash

5. Spot the windmills

Yes, the Dutch lady and windmills are the first things that come to your mind when you say ‘Netherlands’. Take a day trip out to Zaanse Schans, the best place to see windmills. You can also find an outdoor museum, a chocolate factory, a cheese factory and souvenir shops! Indulge in a cup of hot cocoa, freshly roasted and sweetened while enjoying the view amongst the village houses of Zaandam.

Amsterdam City - Netherlands - independent stores skateboard decks frame
Amsterdam City - Netherlands - independent stores record cd lcd label music
Amsterdam City - Netherlands - independent stores hipster artsy fartsy shop

Photo by Tanner Mardis / Mitchel Lensink / Eduard Militaru on Unsplash

6. Shopping in Amsterdam

Hop on the artsy fartsy bandwagon and shop at the independent stores along the streets. They have quality handcrafted goods and unique items that you probably can’t find elsewhere. Think Haji Lane of Singapore!

Amsterdam City - Netherlands - independent stores coffeeshop Amsterdam Cental

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

7. Visit a coffeeshop in Amsterdam Central

Visit a coffeeshop, full stop. (There is one at every corner of the streets) No further details.

Amsterdam City - Netherlands - nightlife club party town music

Photo by Alex Holyoake on Unsplash

8. Nightlife

Amsterdam is known for its great club scene with dance music. A night out is not complete without some dancing at one of the many clubs in town! Just be careful when you exchange your coats or jackets for a tag at the coats section. It depends on the club management, but some of them are not organized at all. Tip: Don’t share a tag with someone else as you might need to wait till the club closes before you can get back your coat, or worse, another person may have gotten your coat by mistake.

Amsterdam City - Netherlands - river canal cruise boat

Photo by Tim Trad on Unsplash

In a nutshell, Amsterdam is a go-to city if you’re planning a trip with friends or as a couple. You’ll probably check four to six days off the calendar for Amsterdam before feeling like you wanna scoot somewhere else in Europe.

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