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The new GoPro Hero 6 was recently launched on September 28. There has been many action cameras available in the market today since GoPro first launched their product back in 2004. Being one of the pioneers for action camera, their latest sixth series of the Hero edition won’t disappoint you. Although the Hero 6 has the similar look as their Hero 5 edition, they have made an improvement and better specifications for their users. Here, in comparison with the older GoPro models, are the highlights for the new GoPro Hero 6 in details.

Frame Rate

For those who are fans of slow-mo video, you will probably drool at their latest frame rate modes. It has the ability to shoot 4K at 60fps, 2.7K at 120fps and get ready for it…. At 1080, you can shoot at 240fps! Imagine having your video at super slow-mo in full HD. It will simply make your cool video, even cooler and more dramatic.

Electronic Image Stabilization

Some of the main cons of using action cameras to shoot is the shakiness. Without the use of a handheld stabilizer or gimble, your shots will probably be shaky. Although GoPro introduced Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) on their previous product, the new Hero 6 has a much improved EIS compared to the older models. In terms of image cropping, the use of EIS only crops 5% compared to Hero 5’s 10% image cropping.


Probably one of the main down factor raised by most GoPro users is the colours. Most will say that without colour correction, the colour of their footages will appear very washed out. For the benefit of those who shoot and post (without editing) their footages, well, you don’t have to worry anymore! The Hero 6 has an added vibrancy their colour tones. In short, the grass will be greener, the sky will be bluer and of course, your skin won’t look like Edward Cullen from the movie Twilight.


The luxury of GoPro’s auto setting sometimes makes users forget that you can actually have full control on your video settings like Exposure, White Balance, ISO and Audio Tracks. For those who wants full control of their settings, Protune is made for you! It gives you the ability to give your footage the best settings that applies to your current situation/environment. Things to note - on the highest shooting modes, it uses a higher bitrate recording, so be sure to have a reliable and fast SD cards with you.


Being recently launched, and in comparison to Hero 5, it is worth only $100 more for the new GoPro Hero 6. It is probably not as pricey for those who are planning to buy an action camera – considering you are getting a well-improved GoPro, you can even say – the best action camera in the market!

What say you? Would you get a GoPro Hero 6? Also, check out our post on the new GoPro Fusion!

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