The Best Smartwatch In The Market: Pros and Cons

5) Apple Watch 3

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The Apple Watch 3 has an LTE connectivity, however, it will drain your battery fast. It is good for exercising and fitness tracking. Buying an Apple product automatically gives you the best aesthetic and display. The new Apple Watch Series 3 has a dual-core Apple S3 processor (which is 70% faster than the Apple S2). Although the price starts at SGD 498, this smartwatch is definitely a good buy!

4) Fitbit Ionic

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The Fitbit Smartwatch series now features the new Fitbit Ionic. It has a very good battery life, together with a good screen. The Fitbit Ionic does come with in-built GPS too. One of the down factors is the lack of apps for it. Retailing at SGD 458, you can have a alternative taste to your smartwatch collection.

3) Huawei Watch 2

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Don't be fooled by thinking that Huawei's incompetency in creating a good smartwatch. In fact, the Huawei Watch 2 has almost what other smartwatches have to offer; a good life battery, built-in GPS, a good tracking steps and distances and also a heart rate monitor. The downside for this watch is the vibration notification function which is a little weak compared to the other smartwatches. All is yours for the price of SGD 420!

2) Asus Zenwatch 3

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One of the main traits for the Asus Zenwatch 3 is the fast charging battery. It can instantly charge 50-60% battery in about 15 minutes. The watch has a nice and luxurious design, not forgetting the good display as well. Do note that the battery life is not the best, hence, the fast charging comes in handy. It is available on store for SGD 369.

1) Samsung Gear S3

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Last but not least, we picked the Samsung Gear S3 as our number 1 choice. Safe to say, the watch has all functions you need from a smartwatch. It also has very accurate step counting tracker. A good performance watch that is also waterproof, which you can do some water activities with it. The Samsung Gear S3 is probably the most beautiful casual designed smartwatch to date. Functional and sleek all at the same time! It is available at SGD 548.

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