Bluesg Is Singapore's First Electric Car-Sharing!

Many of you might familiar with the idea of bike-sharing & e-scooter sharing. Well, that's not the only recent news you be hearing as Singapore now have added Electric Car-sharing into their ranks!

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Bluesg has recently released their first batch of electric cars on the 12th December this year. With currently having 80 Bluecars and 30 charging stations, users are able to rent these off the road now. Almost a similar concept to the bike-sharing & e-scooter sharing plan, you will have to download their BlueSg Mobile Application to rent the Bluecars, which is available on your App Store and Google Play for download.

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You are only required to have a valid driving license along with your credit/debit card to rent. The Bluecars are parked and ready for rent at your nearest designated charging stations (you can find the charging location on the BlueSg Mobile Application). Fully charged and able to drive at a maximum distance of 250km, you are not required to have any insurance to drive one. Escape the hassle of topping up petrol and parking coupons with your regular rental car. The Bluecars also have GPS installed and an on board computer with 24/7 assistance available in the car.

As for the rental price, users are given two option plans; 1) A monthly subscription of $15 and $0.33 per minute usage. 2) Chargeable at $0.50 with no monthly subscription. You can simply sign up through their website at or via their Mobile App.

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Bluesg are expecting a total of 1000 electric cars for sharing with 2000 charging stations around Singapore by 2020. Check out their website at for more information and latest update!

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