Review: Yi Zun Beef Noodles

With all the hype that's going around with the best bowl of noodles, we can't seem to feel like we're missing out. So we got our favourite duo to do a little sharing about what they felt about the whole noodle story.

Word of caution - Do not read this review on a hungry stomach.

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HI GUYS! WE. JUST. HAD. THE. BEST BOWL OF NOODLES AND WE HAVE TO SHARE IT WITH YOU! I’m sure most of you must have heard of Yi Zun Noodle from Facebook post which went viral recently. Was it worth the hype? YES! We got caught in heavy rain on our way to this shop but the wet weather didn’t stop us from getting a bowl of warmth each. We were welcomed by the subtle aroma of Chinese spices. Since the restaurant was full, we had to wait for our turn. The waitress prepared stools for us to sit while waiting. That’s a + for service, and first impression! 🙊 Once we were seated, we made our pick. Unfortunately most of the items on the menu weren’t available today but we came for the star of the show - Hand Pulled Beef Noodles. This comes in two sizes, a small bowl for $7.80 and a big bowl for $9.80. We managed to get cold sides too. A serving of sliced chicken for $2 and black fungus cold salad for $1.80. This salad will be listed in the menu as Vegetable and you get to choose what’s available from the display fridge. Go check them out! We didn’t have to wait long for our food to be served. A bowl of noodles with sliced beef, a few slices of radish, in warm broth topped with spring onions.

Photo by smitths_ on Instagram

Photo by smitths_ on Instagram

First thing first, the broth! The perfect balance of spice and seasoning brought so much warmth to that first spoonful and makes you wish you have a straw to suck it all up at once. I was secretly trying to ration my broth 🙊. And this one’s a great bowl of soupy noodles with no MSG. Such a great combo on a rainy day! Ahh so hearty 💓 The hand pulled noodles will make you want to have mouthful after mouthful! It’s soft but not soggy. I loveeee it! Oh, there’s chili oil too, if you prefer to spice it up a little!

Anyway, the sides came with its own chili too. Sliced red chillies for the black fungus salad and a mixture of chili and soy sauce for the chicken. Overall it was a great experience. I’m so glad we were able to get good food and left a good first impression for S since I’ve been trying to persuade him to go for a trip to China 🇨🇳 😅 #smitthsreviews

P.S. And I hope I’ve persuaded all of you to give Yi Zun Noodle a go! Even S who’s not a fan of soup nor noodles finished his share. No regrets, I promise. Oh just remember to bring cash with you as they are not accepting payment by NETS yet 😉

-Love, Z

Feeling hungry already? What would be like with a warm bowl of goodness right now? Don't wait, hurry down to Yi Zun Noodles at 45 Sam Leong Road, Singapore 207935.

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