Review: Hararu Izakaya

Halal Japanese F&B establishments and cafes have been sprouting in Singapore and entering the scene and this means our dear Muslim friends can rejoice for there are so many halal food options for Japanese cuisines now!

For one, the first halal Japanese gastropub, Hararu Izakaya has emerged as one of the places that has the best authentic Japanese vibe. Hararu Izakaya translates to “Halal Gastropub”, yes, literally.

The restaurant sits on 2-storey shophouse along Bussorah Street. The second floor of this joint replicates a Japanese tatami dining experience, except that the floor deck is raised, so it feels like you are sitting on the floor but actually you're not.

The place is called an Izakaya for namesake, so don’t worry, this restaurant sells no alcohol, only cute interesting mocktails that you should give a shot! (Pun not intended)

You’ll be given an iPad to view the extensive menu and make your order. The menu spans over 10 tabs for food; appetizer, salad, charcoal grill, kushiyaki (skewers), deep fried items, itamemono (stir-fried items), nimono (stewed items), noodles, soup, rice and dessert! Spoilt for choices much?

What’s recommended is the Wagyu Tataki, sliced Wagyu beef with onions and ponzu sauce. You know how the hosts of Japan Hour exaggerate when they try new food? Well, the cold dish is perfection as soon as it grazes your tongue. The sauce is light and the onions complement the cold beef very well. Delish.

The Tori Nanban is another dish worth a try. Look forward to a deep fried egg battered chicken fillet, topped with a creamy and not too eggy sauce. We loved every single bite of it!

You can't leave the place without having the essentials - Japanese noodles! Slurp up the chewy udon and firm ramen. Though the broth is a tad too salty, the tempura prawn and vegetables balanced out the whole taste.

We can't wait to come back for more, and try out the skewers and charcoal grilled delicacies!

Let us know what's the best dish that you have tried at Hararu Izakaya!

Hararu Izakaya is located at 16 Bussorah Street, Singapore 199437.

Open every day from 12pm to 11pm (Last order at 10pm).

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