Review: Cinnamon Rolls by Fatcat

Cinammon buns or rolls have been known to be enjoyed by the Scandinavians and to them, every day is cinnamon bun day! There's probably an explanation behind a cinnamon roll. It is, as you may know, additionally alluded to as an edible hug. Mm mmm... It is as soothing and warming as an embrace from your closest companion, a stranger or your pet. Whichever of those you incline toward.

The hunt for cinnamon rolls in Singapore is a pretty exciting challenge. And... we've got another one on the list right now, should you be craving for some! Check out what Smitths has got to say.

Our review on: . Rolls By Fatcat @rolls_by_fatcat . Well I remember the first time I had cinnamon rolls from McDonalds and Z’s most memorable one was from Cinnabon. In our humble opinions, we thought that there was nothing quite like the ones we love. . & then came these babies by Fatcat! Awww man, there’s only one thing that comes to my mind, “OUT OF THIS WORLD 🌍 ” Make yourself a cup of coffee or tea, heat up those babies in the microwave for 45 seconds and let it all melt in your mouth. The aroma from the freshly heated rolls and cinnamon just calls out and say “Eat me! EAT ME NOW!” hahaha! Best of all, you can enjoy these babies in the comfort of your own home 😌 Oh, what I like most about these rolls are that they aren’t overly sweet. You can even enjoy the Double Chocolate Rolls guilt free! . All I have to say is, you’ve gotta try it to believe it guys. Even thought they don’t have a stall yet, they’re always ready to take in your orders! Do look out for them in upcoming bazaar and fleas too. Visit and follow @rolls_by_fatcat to keep yourself updated and place your orders now.


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