Of Mountains and Snowdust

While you’re in Europe, take a flight out and land yourself in Geneva, south of Switzerland and surrounded by the Alps. Yes, you guessed it! Why not visit the Swiss Alps and be one with nature and the dramatic views of Mont Blanc.

Chamonix- Mont Blanc / Photo by Christoph Schmid on Unsplash

Lucerne, Switzerland / Photo by Lin Mei on Unsplash

If you’re willing to travel further, head to Lucerne, which is also known for the medieval architecture, its lake and of course its mountains! Spend a night in the city before moving off to the mountainous regions like Schüpfheim. Getting to Schüpfheim via Swiss Federal Railways is pretty easy. It’s best that you plan in advance and refer to the train schedule. Lucerne to Schüpfheim takes barely an hour, but don’t give your window seat up, as the view out there is A-MAY-ZING.

Once you reach Schüpfheim, there is a bus that shuttles you around a quaint town called Engelberg. Get a homestay in a mountain cabin like Free Spirit Lodge Sörenberg. Traveller's tip: Remember to pack light and avoid bringing any luggage as the steep icy slopes won’t do you any favour of tugging cumbersome baggage around, especially during winter. Also, shoes! Wear proper shoes, trekking boots if you must, otherwise, just be careful of the slippery surfaces.

In spring / Free Spirit Lodge Sorenberg

Free Spirit Lodge is a home within a home and truly quite an experience living in a cabin. The homestay provides rooms for families up to 8-10 pax, small groups and even cozy couples.

In winter / Free Spirit Lodge Sorenberg

They have access to a large space to ski and sled down the low slopes. Coolest part of all (pun intended), the owner of the stay also provides free skiing lessons for the adventurous ones! Skiing equipment and attire are all provided too.

But of course, you can’t leave Switzerland without being on top of the Alps. One of the recommended tours to follow is to Mount Titlis, which peaks at 3,238 metres above sea level. It is also the jewel of Central Switzerland’s crown and the only publicly accessible glacier in the area.

A revolving cable brings you all the way up. There are a few attractions when you are on top – skiing, the ‘Ice Flyer’ chairlift, a Cliff Walk (not for the faint-hearted) and an Ice Cave. Make snow angels, have snowball fights and remember to take in the crisp cold fresh air!

Note: Bringing home a snowflake might cause disappointment.

You’ll probably spend at least three or four nights in Switzerland for its nature. After which, get out of the mountains and continue your Eurotrip! Easyjet flies domestic flights within Europe and is very budget friendly for those who prefer to fly than to take a train out.

Wanna guess where’s the next destination? Stay tuned to find out in our next post!

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