Lembas Is Your New Lunch Buddy

We all know that the living society in Singapore is fast paced and let’s face it, I’m sure you wished you had more than 24 hours in a day. Employers get their staff pumping, not wasting a single minute of your duty. And from time to time, you start to wish for other things as well, like a multi-tasking device that holds up your sandwich while you frantically bang the spacebar on your keyboard to meet that 2pm deadline.

Now, to every problem there must be a solution.

We introduce you Lembas, a meal replacement for a quick lunch.

Taken from Lembas.sg

This new replacement drink satisfies your hunger pangs, keeping you filled for the next few hours without shortchanging your nutritional intake. Think about it, it beats the lunch crowd and snaking queues! We’re not dismissing the satisfaction when you have a warm bowl of Mee Soto, but how much time is wasted when you have to go down the basement from the 37th floor of your office in CBD – just to get lunch?

There is so much that you can do and complete in that extra hour!

Lembas believes that having an alternative option for obtaining food can help to increase productivity in your life and make one’s life fulfilling by leading a positive one. We are inspired by Lembas’ vision for the humankind. How Lembas was found is also very inspiring as well. Read the founder’s story here.

The product is a mix of soybean and oat powder, coconut creamer and other nutritional supplements with vanilla flavouring. Therefore, many find the taste of coconut and vanilla primarily. More flavours like matcha and green tea are coming up, so look out for that!

lembas pack

Photo by Lembas.sg

Each pack has been designed to be 4 meal servings and it is recommended to drink Lembas to replace your most inconvenient meal. Each pack costs only $24 for a one-time purchase, and you get to save 5% if you subscribe! You don’t have to take it every day or meal, unless your boss is really kiasu. Additionally, before you give your crazy boss the death stare, you may recommend this to your HR to get everyone Lembas as corporate orders are available on their website!

Lembas delivers to countries outside of Singapore as well, but additional shipping charges will apply.

For more information on Lembas or their online store, click here.

What do you think? Would you turn to a quick lunch fix or stick to your warm slurpy noodles?

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