The New AI Smart Camera by Google: Google Clips

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Amid its successful Pixel launch last year, Google declared "Google Clips", an Artificial Intelligent Smart Camera runned by Google Assistant AI. It is one of the smallest hands-free wireless smart camera in the market today!

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Intended to catch valuable family minutes without someone dear missing from the precious family moments photos, Google Clips recognises your loved ones and capture scenes in light of that information.

Google says the more you're with your loved ones, the more the camera will recognise your family members.

It runs on Android 7.0 and best to run on a Google Pixel, Samsung smartphone or any latest Android OS phone. Although those with Apple phones will work fine too if you're iPhone is running on iOS 10.

The Google Clips has a 64GB built-in storage with WiFi. Its battery life can last up till 3 hours of savvy catch and can be recharged by means of USB-C.

While most worry about the privacy and safety of their loved ones recognised by AI device, Google says protection is their priority and vows that no personal information leaves the gadget or will be transferred to the Cloud base until the owner reviews and share it online.

To summarise, the Google Clips is one of the latest AI smart camera that will be featured in our technology in the near future. It is just the beginning of the new era of AI smart cameras! Unfortunately, it has yet to arrive in Singapore. But! You can still get yours through Google Store International for the price of $249.

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