First Look: Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+

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It is confirmed by Samsung that the Galaxy S9 & S9+ will be released at the end of February at the MWC @ Barcelona, Spain from February 26th to March 1st. It will be fully revealed during the period. In the meantime, we have gathered some of the best rumours/leaks/updates for this upcoming smartphone for you.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 series will come in two types: The Galaxy S9 and The Galaxy S9+. The Galaxy S9 has a 5.8 inch display while the S9+ has a 6.2 inch display. You can also watch 4K videos or a VR with it. The outlook of the Samsung Galaxy S9 series is almost identical to the Samsung Galaxy S8 series. It has the metal frame curved glass panels for its front and back. Best to say, the series maintains its uniqueness and remains as one of the best looking smartphones in the market. It is also noted that the new Galaxy S9 has a bezel-less design. Galaxy S9 & S9+ is installed with the latest Android Oreo 8.0. It has a better autofills APIs, adaptive icons, picture-in-picture, better keyboard navigations and notification channels & dots.

One of the highlighted features that the Samsung Galaxy S9 series will come in is that they will have dual cameras. The front camera is an 8MP, f1.7 AF and shoots at 1440p @ 30fps with auto HDR, while the rear camera is a dual 12MP, f1.7 & f2.4 AF and shoots at 2160p @ 30fps.

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It comes with 4 sets of colourway: Orchid Gray, Midnight Black, Coral Blue and Maple Gold. With a 6GB RAM and Samsung Exynos 9 processor, the new Galaxy 9 series will be a powerful performance smartphone in the market. It also uses the Snapdragon 845 chip that enables you to do Face ID recognition (just like your iPhone X). The phone will have a 64GB internal memory and expandable up to 256GB dual micro SD card memory.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 series will be available here in Singapore with an expected price range at SGD 1,319. Also, take a look at Samsung Galaxy A8 & A8+ for cheaper alternatives!

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