Complete Checklist: An Essential Guide for a Road Trip

What would you take with you on a road trip? Yourself, a loved one and the car? We'd support the idea of YOLO but your safety comes first!

First, check the weather conditions of your destination and while getting there, know what's on the road for you. If you're driving in Australia, look out for kangaroos. If you're driving in Canada or in cold climate, you need to be wary of black ice, which is a thin coat of highly transparent ice that blends with the road. Do your homework and be updated with each countries' road regulations as well. Of course, don't forget your ID and driver's license!


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A road trip sounds much less cumbersome than dragging your suitcases from bus and train transfers to get to your destination. Plus, the magnificent view is indeed the most unique experience you'll get out of a road trip. And the difference is that you get to lug your stuff in the trunk, if you're driving a car - all the better if you're driving a motorhome!

Read on to tick off the checklist of the ESSENTIAL things that you need before you start cruisin'.


1. Paper map

Or maybe not so techie for this one. It's best if you studied your route well and a paper map would help you with that. You'll also find it useful if....refer to point 3.

2. Charger

For your phone, camera... Anything that requires battery. Keep 'em charged all the time!

3. Navigator

Set your GPS for before your drive. It is your best friend. If it dies on your or gets disconnected and leaves you derailed, refer back to point 1.

4. Notebook and pen

You may have planned your whole itinerary in your notebook. Bring that along, and a trusty pen is always useful.

5. Camera

But of course, to photograph your whole road trip experience!

6. USB cables

For your charger.

7. Action camera

Create a travel video - it'll be cool!

8. Phone

We don't need to tell you to bring your phone. It's married to you. Back it up with a local SIM card, with data if you must!


1. First-aid kit

Safety first, guys. Remember that. Ensure it's packed with plasters, roll bandages and safety pins.

2. Medication

If you have car sickness, get anti-nausea pills to curb it. Also, a road trip doesn't mean you have to skip out on your daily medication and supplements!

3. Paracetemol

The cure for any pain. Bring a whole box.

4. Snacks

Healthy snacks FTR (for the road, geddit geddit?) Stock up load of them! If you're the one driving, munch the Z-monsters away. Stay alert!

5. Swiss Army knife

A useful friend in any situation.

6. Lip balm

Keep yourself moisturised from a cracked lip. You can load up on gallons of water, but bad news is if you gotta pee, we hope you don't mind the roadside or wait till the next R&R.

7. Puke bags

Kidding! Bring extra disposable bags - you can use them for dirty laundry, thrash, and yes, puke too.


1. Waterbottle

Bring one that can act as a stomach warmer, in case your gal is having the cramps or someone in the car has a tummy ache. Not an instant relief, but it helps to ease the pain.

2. Face mist

Keep fresh and spritz on some face mist. Keeps the hygiene going as well, especially if you haven't showered in days.

3. Nail clipper

A travel kit comes in handy.

4. Blanket

A warm, snuggly one might do the trick.

5. Umbrella

Keep yourself safe, rain or shine.

6. Tissue paper

For the snots and boogers. And to clean anything up. Best if you got the wet ones.

7. Windbreaker

Road trips can get chilly, especially at night. Keep yourself warm!

It's not the end to the list, but these are definitely what you need and cannot miss out while preparing for your road trip. We hope you find it useful in helping you plan for your next adventure. Remember, stay safe!

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