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Fancy an English breakfast or Beef roasted to perfection for your Sunday Brunch? Here’s one solution for you. Located in the west side of Tampines Town, BFF (Brothers in Fine Food), will not disappoint. Bringing fine food to the heartlands is simply not heard of. Quite amazing to say the least.

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Recommended: Builder's Breakfast

Kick back, relax and enjoy a plate of Builder’s Breakfast. As the name suggested, you can expect a meal fit for kings. The plate comprises of sausages, bacons, sautéed mushrooms or spinach, grilled tomatoes and eggs of your choice. Slide in a latte while you’re at it. Sundays never sound so perfect.

Oh wait, you live for beef? Head on down for some Roast Beef (only available on Sundays), it’s not any ordinary beef. Prefect marinated, this thirty days old dried-age beef, is so juicy, thinking of it will make you swallow your saliva uncontrollably while waiting for it to be right in front of you. Topped with brown sauce and served with potato salad, it will definitely make you come back for seconds.

Recommended: Beef with Beetroot Thyme Puree

Photos by @brothersinfinefood

Recommended: Sunday Roast (Available on Sundays only)

Sundays too far for ya? Well, you can always drop by for some fine lunch or dinner. From Lamb Harrissa, Grilled Aubergines with Tahini, Grilled King Prawns & many more.

Photo by @brothersinfinefood

Oh! They have desserts like waffles and ice cream too for those craving for something sweet! Stop drooling & just go, what are you waiting for?

Photo by @brothersinfinefood

Follow Brothers in Fine Food (BFF) on Instagram and Facebook! Do make a reservation if you're coming in a big group over the weekends!


#02-07 West Community Club

5 Temasek Ave 3 (S529705)

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