Best Open World Game Apps for Android & iOS

Gone were the days where we only need to stay home just to play our favourite games. With the latest and constantly upgrading technology, kids or even adults these days are able to enjoy playing their favourite games on their smartphones! Like playing Grand Theft Auto on your X-box or Playstation, we listed down for you gamers the Best Open World games on your smartphones!

1) Gangster New Orleans

Win the criminal world of New Orlean. Complete tasks of mafia bosses, fight against police and competitors, explore a big city. Make your way to the top of the criminal world in this Android game. Try your luck in the streets of New Orlean. Steal expensive cars and commit thefts. Participate in shootouts with competing gangs and police officers. Improve your reputation completing hard missions. Purchase excellent weapons and other objects every gangster needs. Become the king of the streets of a big city.

Game features:

  • Excellent graphics

  • Huge city

  • Many tasks

  • Wide range of weapons and munitions

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