5 Pairs of Jeans Every Man Should Own

Jeans have become an essential in the wardrobes of humankind over centuries when it first evolved from men's work pants to designer jeans for everyday wear in today's fashion. Today, the type of denim you wear make a statement, despite them being just another pair of pants in your wardrobe. How you wear your jeans may not be as important for first impressions, like shoes, but it definitely plays a part in creating your whole look.

Come on, take pride in how you look and see if you've got these pairs.


The first pair of jeans you should have in your wardrobe is a pair of slim and dark jeans. Clean, slim and stiff, indigo jeans would be the perfect cut. This pair is the most versatile for almost any occasion; for work, going out, or attending casual events

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A pair of worn-ins for lazy and casual days may also be a pair that you lounge in at home or head to the neighbourhood mall. You may opt for something that is “brand new” yet distressed.

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A pair of black classic jeans is easy to style and you can pair them with almost anything. An Oxford shirt or a simple white tee, black jeans give you a clean and smart look.

Levi's 511™ Slim Fit Stretch Jeans, S$79.90, Available at Levi's stores


If you’re the type of person who loves to cuff your jeans, then it’s time to own a pair of raw denim. A selvedged edge will appear slightly cleaner than a non-selvedge hem. Because the denim fabric has not gone through the pre-wash process, it might take a few weeks of regular wear before you loosen up a pair. But trust us, it’s worth the look.

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Go for a safe colour, like tan, grey or white. It gives you a relaxed yet polished style for casual wear.

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