10 Must-Haves in Every Modern Woman's Bag

A.P.C. Leather Cardholder

1) Cardholder

Of course, any woman would appreciate a good cuppa on the house, and it’s hard to resist it. As modern women of independence, we would very much love to pay for our own meals and drinks.

NYX Velvet Matte Lipstick

2) Make up for retouching

Bringing your 138475322 shades of pink lipstick in its various matte/gloss finish wouldn’t be a good idea. Bring a shade that is more neutral and soft for retouching during office hours, and a bolder one to switch to for a night out aft

Bath and Body Works PocketBac's Life's A Beach

3) Hand sanitizer

Keep those hands germy free after riding the public transport or eating at a hawker. Get something with Vitamin E to moisturize your hands at the same time

4) Safety pins

You’re your own lifesaver if you carry safety pins around. You never know when you need it especially during a wardrobe malfunction.

5) Plaster

Don’t worry about your cuts and scrapes, or that blister you got from wearing your new heels. A plaster can also hide chipped nail polish.

SanDisk CZ60 32GB USB Flash Drive

6) USB Flash Drive

Be prepared for any presentation or meeting at any time of the day. Just whip out the magic weapon to show that you are confident and ready all the time.

7) Portable charger/Power bank

A modern woman who is constantly on her phone for work and social apps would definitely need this everywhere she goes.

L'occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream

8) Hand moisturizer

Don’t neglect your hands and keep them moisturized all the time. The hands age faster than your face.

9) Mint

You’d need a breath freshener. Everyone in the world needs one.

10) Tissue paper

You don’t have to panic if you feel a sneeze coming on or for some reason, the public toilet runs out of toilet paper.

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