Take a first look at the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+

The Google Pixel will make you want to quit on Apple. #teampixel FTW.

10) Jade Empire: Special Edition

Travel across incredibly beautiful locations. Fight against powerful enemies applying various maneuvers of martial arts and unusual skills. Plunge into a mystic atmosphere of the myths of Ancient China in this exciting Android game. Mast...

9) Aralon forge and flame

Travel the vast Aralon kingdom. Go to different cities, cross wastelands, fight enemies. There are troubled times in the ancient kingdom. The throne is empty, and the noble houses are fighting for power. In this game for Android you're able to...

8) Dawnbringer

Take your character having a divine power across ruined lands of the lost world. Help him defeat hordes of monsters. The main character of this Android game must break evil plans of his own brother and rescue Mornguard from being destructed. Take your her...

7) Gangstar Vegas

A cool blockbuster, that unites crazy races, fights and shooting. Become bad and make mayhem in the city! Powerful arsenal: a flamethrower, Molotov cocktail and even electric guitar will not let you get bored. Turn Vegas upside down! 

Game features:

  • ...

5) Battle Supremacy: Evolution

A dynamic game the action of which takes place in the world of future. You are going to control a machine able to transform into a drone, tank or a flying machine. Rush through stunning locations and destroy enemies on your way. Destroy al...

4) Bully: Anniversary edition

Help a teenager find his place among the students of Bullworth Academy. Attend classes, take part in fights, vandalize and so on. Jimmy Hopkins, the main hero of this Android game, has to study at private boarding school. Help Jimmy spend a...

3) Oceanhorn: Monster of uncharted seas

Help a young guy become a legendary hero, sway up a sail and go to meet real adventures. The game tells a story about a lost father of a young man. He was taken by a sea beast. Now the main character is going to fight the gia...

Look forward to the best games from your App Store or Google Play. Just be sure to give your eyes a break from your screens.

Introducing the new Samsung Galaxy A8 & A8 Plus. Find out more about Samsung's new mid-range devices.

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